Bionic legs could help you ski for longer

Are you a hardcore skier who refuses to leave the slopes until your legs are too tired to keep you upright? It might be time you invested in an exoskeleton!

Yes, seriously. Roam, a Silicon Valley robotic exoskeleton company, has just raised $12 million to build bionic suits that will support a skier’s legs and allow them to stay out on the slopes for much longer without growing tired.

The new product is called Elevate, and is “targeted toward die-hard skiers who wish to ski longer and stronger and push the edges of what’s possible”, according to Roam’s website.

“The Elevate robotic ski xo boosts your quad strength giving you more control, stronger turns and longer runs while reducing muscle fatigue and joint pressure,” it continues. “Sensors and smart software on the exoskeleton anticipate user intent and automatically adjust torque at the knee via air actuators, effectively mimicking and strengthening the quadricep muscles.”

Interested? You’re going to need a good chunk of cash. Elevate will cost between $2,000-2,500, and there’s already a waiting list for the first shipment.

The technology will be available for demo at ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, California and Park City, Utah this winter.